The International Medical Ozone Federation (IMEOF) is a non-profit international federation with its own legal personality, and full aptitude to act, under the framework of the Spanish legislation.

All the Board Members perform their duties completely for free; and they have university degrees in medicine or in another health profession or related to it.

The official languages of the Federation are Spanish and English.

Adriana Schwartz – IMEOF President
  • To actively intervene so that the ozone therapy is regularized positively by the authorities of the countries where the members of the Federation have presence.
  • To define, to regulate, and to recommend the use of the ozone therapy in concrete pathologies and to regulate the diverse skills of application of the ozone.
  • To approve medical protocols that serve as reference and guide to all the members.
  • To establish, support and encourage contacts and collaboration with international federations of similar nature and purpose.
  • To promote joint actions with other medical federations and particularly with those linked to the ozone therapy, so this is represented and defended properly before the authorities.
  • To promote and organize meetings, symposiums, workshops, seminars and others of similar nature.
  • To support the initiatives and guidelines that the International Scientific Committee of Ozonetherapy (ISCO3) develops.