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AMAZON (Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy), an IMEOF member, asks a newspaper to publish an article in defense of ozone therapy.

Article written to refute the mistakes and fallacies that a physician had previously written about ozone therapy in the newspaper.

“Article written in an ill-intentioned manner and full of conceptual mistakes and written from the absolute ignorance of what ozone therapies are”, states AMOZON.

AMOZON adds that the author “demonstrates an absolute ignorance about ozone therapy, stating that it has caused ‘many deaths’ and does so without citing any source. That is absolutely false.”

AMAZON notes that the author of the article “allegedly informative and objective, should have checked the information collected by scientific organizations, such as the Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy (Amozon)”.

Please find bellow (translated into English) the full text of the document sent by Dr. Froylán Alvarado to the newspaper “Noroeste” on November 19, 2019.


Culiacán, Sinaloa [México] November 19, 2019

[Original written in Spanish. Translated into English by Roberto Quintero, Legal Advisor, IMEOF (International Medical Ozone Federation. AMOZON is member of IMEOF]

Ing. Adrián López Ortiz
Northwest Newspaper General Director
Culiacán, Sinaloa

I respectfully ask you to publish in the corresponding section of your newspaper and as soon as possible, this reply to the article “The Magic of Therapy with Ozone” published on November 17, 2019 [https://www.noroeste.com.mx/publicaciones/opinion/la-magia-de-la-terapia-con-ozono-111061]. Article written in an ill-intentioned manner and full of conceptual mistakes and written from the absolute ignorance of what ozone therapies are.

This article was signed by Alberto Kousuke De la Herrán Arita, who stands out as “Specialist in Neurophysiology and Sleep Medicine from Stanford University, Doctor in Neurosciences from UNAM [Autonomous National University of México] and Member of the National System of Researchers and Professor at the UAS”.

This pamphlet is full of unfounded errors, contains biased information without going unfortunately to validated scientific papers that justify his impartiality, as the scientist who shows himself before the reading public. The wording of the article is made from half-truths such as the position of the FDA [U.S. Food & Drug Administration] that “The ozone is a toxic gas without medical applications”, mentioning “the possible complicity of companies that profit from the desperation and naivety of the people”.

The author says that in Sinaloa [México], one form of application consists of Self-Hemotherapy, in which an amount of blood is mixed with ozone and re-transfused to the patient, and mocks the vaginal and rectal applications without any basis that contraindicates these medical applications.

It is noteworthy the intention of harming the doctors who use ozone in our usual clinical practice, pointing out that “ozone is a molecule that reacts aggressively with cellular biological compounds forming free radicals (a molecule that causes cancer)”, which overwhelmingly demonstrates the ignorance he has on the subject. Mr. De la Herrán should know, that every time that the human being breathes, and to a much greater extent when exercising, or is going through an infectious or metabolic disease, undergoing the use of drugs, to surgery or living in stress situations, is forming large amounts of free radicals and the same happens when the patient is subjected to Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy, all of them produce huge amounts of Reactive Oxygen Species (I imagine that the author knows that the term free radicals was modified by the latter years ago) and that is not causing us cancer as he refers.

He also mentions that “the medical applications of Ozone have caused death of many patients worldwide when inhaled or injected into the blood. This plunger obstructs the circulation of small blood vessels and causes from temporary blindness, to cerebral, pulmonary or cardiac infarctions.”

It is precisely these two types of applications, the inhalation route and the intravenous route, that due to its potential toxicity and ability to generate these side effects, and even death, which has happened in less than a dozen patients in more than 40 years, as he himself may verify it, in several million applications, according to what appears in the world literature; and if the author reviewed the subject, he must have seen in the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy [Isco3, 2nd. ed., 2015] [https://aepromo.org/en/madrid-declaration-on-ozone-therapy-2nd-edition/], that these practices are totally contraindicated and prohibited. No ozone therapist, who is properly trained in this subject and consider himself serious, he will never use these routes, because of the risk involved.

The author demonstrates an absolute ignorance about ozone therapy, stating that it has caused “many deaths” and does so without citing any source. That is absolutely false. This has never happened, much less in Sinaloa territory or in México. On the contrary, allopathic medication has killed many people. Making analogy, if chemotherapy is poorly administered, it may also cause lethal effects. The WHO [World Health Organization] cites a case – by way of example – of a 39-year-old patient with cancer. He died because he had been given four times the dose of chemotherapy required  (http://www.who.int/patientsafety/information_centre/reports/Alliance_Forward_Programme_2008.pdf)

An article, such as the one published by De la Herrán Arita, allegedly informative and objective, should have checked the information collected by scientific organizations, such as the Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy (Amozon) (www.amozon.org, mx), which represents the vast majority of Mexican doctors who practice ozone therapy in our country, many of whom are specialists from various branches and even, there are numerous service heads of Public Hospitals, who use it, have done serious research, have directed thesis of specialty and masters on the subject, which have been published in Mexican and foreign medicine journals.

If the aforementioned article written by De la Herrán Arita, was not biased, he should have cited the web site of ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy) (http://www.isco3.org). Surely he saw it, but he preferred to ignore it and get carried away by his personal or shared criteria, about ozone therapies, which by his prejudices discredits him and incapacitates him to comment on a topic who totally ignores who dares to write in an extremely superficial, prejudiced and unethical way, which disqualifies him as serious and impartial scientist.

Regarding the routes of administration of ozone, vaginally or rectally, that the author of the article, “considers them taken from the torture compendium of the Holy Inquisition and reported in the ‘Naturopathic Doctor News and Review’, the flagship journal of medical quacks and the main source of pseudoscientific nonsense in the world”, I want to let you know that the routes of absorption of medicines are to through the digestive mucosa, the vaginal mucosa, the rectal mucosa and the mucosa of airways, in addition to the intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous routes, which it is widely known by the medical guild and even the general population.

All these routes are widely validated and it is somewhat improper on the part of De la Herrán Arita speak in these terms, because I imagine that in multiple occasions he will have indicated medicines to be absorbed by any of these routes. So making fun of these routes of application demonstrates a total lack of respect to the medical community and even the reading public.

While it is true that the initial use of ozone therapy (more than 100 years ago) was on empirical basis, as most medical therapies have been, at present there are very serious studies of molecular biology and biochemistry, which even explain its effects at the cellular level. Studies published in scientific journals and in prestigious public data banks such as MedLine (PubMed) so they testify. The endorsement of studies is not only experimental, but also clinical, adding more than 3000 studies, as collected in the ISCO3 Online Ozone Therapy International Library (online library and of free access). [https://isco3.org/library/].

Although the studies with the greatest scientific evidence refer to low back pain (studies of meta-analysis), it is not to be neglected that in other clinical situations where there are no conventional therapeutic alternatives or these do not work (e.g. resistance to antibiotics), ozone can greatly benefit patients. Such is its effectiveness that its use has passed the borders of private medicine to be used in public hospitals in different countries of the world, such as Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, United Arab Emirates United, China and Oman, as well as in many other countries, including Mexico, in situations such as the “diabetic foot” where the patient has a high risk of amputation, which can be avoided; also it is being used in other very common diseases in the world population.

As for the United States, and despite the FDA [U.S. Food & Drug Administration] saying that medical ozone is a gas toxic without any medical application of known utility, ozone therapy can be legally practiced in 15 of its states [https://isco3.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Update-May-2015-for-ISCO3.pdf], under the umbrella of unconventional therapies and have the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, which legally backs them up (https://aaot.us/).

Fortunately, Mexico has its own solid institutions, such as the COEPRIS and COFEPRIS [Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks], which are not corrupt as de la Herrán lets glimpse in his pamphlet, and despite the FDA saying that ozone is a toxic gas without any known medical application, ozone therapy fortunately for thousands of patients of low resources, it has been applied in our country for more than 20 years, for countless diseases, for which conventional medicine has nothing to offer, without evidencing that supposed toxicity, which is in several orders of magnitude much lower than most of the medicines used today and that so many side effects and iatrogenies produce, many of them fatal, of which the undersigned De la Herrán fails to inform its readers.

Research on the medical applications of ozone worldwide is vast and exceeds those of many conventional medicines that are acquired in the market. In this research it has been conveniently tested, from the point of view scientist that ozone leads to therapeutic success, under the condition that its practice complies with the axiom: good clinical practices, ozone generator for medical use, only medical oxygen, trained physician, and proven clinical protocols.

In our regulations it is well established that all AMOZON [Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy] members that leaves the guidelines of the Madrid Declaration for Ozone Therapy [Isco3, 2nd. ed., 2015], [https://aepromo.org/en/madrid-declaration-on-ozone-therapy-2nd-edition/], regarding the application of such therapy, will have to accept the consequences of his acts, as it applies to every medical act.

I want to make it clear that AMOZON is not against conventional allopathic medicine … Certainly not! For us, ozone therapy falls within the new medical practices, which complement and facilitate conventional treatments and we consider it as an excellent tool within the arsenal therapeutic that the physician can count on, given the germicidal, analgesics, anti-inflammatory and modulators properties of the immune system and metabolism that the medical ozone has.

Finally, I wish to point out that the Medical Practice of Ozone Therapy was included and approved in the General Law of Health in the [Mexican] State of Nuevo León, according to Decree 346 amending Article 49, published in the Official Newspaper on January 19, 2018 [http://imeof.org/?p=4249&lang=en], and we are working with the Senate of the Republic, so that it apply nationally.

Dr. Froylán Alvarado Güémez

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